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Midwife / ultrasound technician Margriet van der Weel is one of the founders of the foundation.
"During a trip through Tanzania I visited Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha and was struck by what I saw there. Giving birth in Tanzania is a perilous thing. Maternal and baby mortality is high and distressing. This is also the case in Mount Meru Hospital not different.
In a conversation with, among others, Dr. Richard Sungura from the hospital made it clear to me that a properly functioning ultrasound device can make a major contribution to improving care for mother and child "
With an ultrasound device, medically important information can be obtained directly in a safe, non-invasive manner. When discovering a pregnancy outside the womb, timely intervention by the mother can be life-saving. A mother cake in front of the exit can also be life-threatening for mother and child at the time of delivery if intervention is not taken in time. Detecting certain birth defects during pregnancy can be very important for the place and method of delivery.
In addition to the investment in the device, ultrasound costs little and the technique can be learned well with good training.

"Back in the Netherlands I contacted colleagues. Together we decided to share our expertise and experience in the field of ultrasound with colleagues in Arusha. We went looking for a working ultrasound machine for Mount Meru Hospital"

The costs for the device, transport and maintenance were estimated at around 12,000 euros. To fund all of this, the Mount Meru Foundation was established.