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Project Lower Moshi


The Foundation Mount Meru (SMM) and the Foundation Driving Nurses (SDN) have entered into a partnership to work together to improve mother and child care in Tanzania.

The SMM will provide training in obstetric ultrasound and deliver an ultrasound device for the Mamabus in Lower Moshi.

The SDN provides maintenance mamabus and the other resources. The SDN also has the possibility to drive a 2nd Mamabus- possible area Arusha in 2019.

The SMM resumes contact with the Regional Medical Officer (RMO). Wonanji district Arusha and informs him about the project with the Mamabus region Lower Moshi.

Dr. Wonanji sends a letter of intent to reduce maternal and child mortality in Tanzania together with the SMM.

A visit of the SDR and SMM to Moshi and Arusha is planned for October 2018.

letter of intent Alyssa/Moshi
Tilburgs Studenten Cabaret
Samenwerking Mamabus
Hulpvraag Dr. Wonanji
Bedankbrief Dr. Wonanji
Referral letter (waar alles mee begon)