The history of the mount meru foundation



The Mount Meru Foundation is established.

Following a visit by Margriet van der Weel-Roem to the Mount Meru hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, the Mount Meru Foundation was established.

The aim of the Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of care for mother and child at Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. She mainly wants to contribute by sharing expertise and experience in the field of ultrasound scans with colleagues in the hospital and local obstetricians.

The board of the foundation is formed by the chairman Margriet van der Weel-Roem, obstetric ultrasound technician, treasurer Anna Lied Poelstra-Sanders, obstetric ultrasound technician and secretary Marianne Ris, obstetric ultrasound technician.


Dr. Frida T. Mokiti, regional medical officer of the Mount Meru hospital, submits an application for donation from a properly functioning ultrasound machine.

Start echo device orientation / Website / P.R./Donaties


Nancy Jongsma joins the board of the foundation as a P.R Employee



Contact Philips announces that Mount Meru Hospital is part of a Tanzanian government revitalization program, which is partly funded by the Dutch government.

The plan is that this project will start in mid-2016 and Mount Meru Hospital is scheduled to receive equipment in the fall of 2016.

It is known that the company Meduprof o.l.v. Willem van Prooijen will support the project with regard to implementation.

Contact is made with Willen van Prooijen to see if we can do something for each other.

Autumn 2016

The revitalization project seems to be going less smoothly. The Mount Meru Hospital is not yet equipped with an ultrasound device.

The Foundation has since found a good ultrasound device to donate to Mount Meru hospital. The cost of an ultrasound device with accessories is around 11,000 euros.

The Foundation raised 5,000 euros in donations last year.

Marianne Ris leaves the board. Nancy Jongsma takes over the secretariat from Marianne.


Donaties voor de aanschaf van een draagbaar echoapparaat Mindray Z6 worden opgehaald.

Het echoapparaat kon medio 2017 worden aangeschaft.

Augustus 2017

Private visit to Tanzania and transfer of ultrasound device and transfer of knowledge.

August 2017

The Mount Meru Foundation donates the portable ultrasound device, the Mindray Z6, to Mount Meru Hospital.
In collaboration with the radiologist at Mount Meru Hospital, Dr. Richard Sungura, Margriet van der Weel-Roem and Anna Lied Poelstra-Sanders from the Mount Meru Foundation were able to give hands-on training for a number of days.

August 2017

Anna Lied Poelstra gives hands-on training to Johanna, a German obstetrician who has been working for 10 years in a small maternity clinic near Stone Town in Zanzibar.


Contacted the Driving nurses Foundation. The Driving Nurses Foundation stands for Mother and Child Care (the first 1000 days) in the rural areas around Moshi-North Tanzania.

The SDN provides a Mamabus that provides 5 villages (20,000 people) with information about nutritional advice, information about breastfeeding, sex education, hygiene and the like. The crew for the bus supplies the Moshi TPC hospital. The aim is also to have 4 pregnancy checks per pregnancy and maternity packages are distributed by SDN.


Spring 2018

The SMM and the SDR enter into a partnership.

Saja Erens obstetric ultrasound technician becomes a new board member, Nancy Jongsma leaves the board.

The Tilburg women's student dispute Alea Iacta is organizing a benefit concert for the SMM. The evening yields 3300 euros for the Mount Meru Foundation.
And thanks in part to donations from, among others, Starshl, we can purchase a small hand-held portable echo device, the Lumify, to be able to work in rural areas in Tanzania.

Oktober 2018

Margriet van der Weel and Anna Lied Poelstra go on a working visit to Tanzania.

In Arusha, the project plan with SDN and Dr. Wonanji worked to make a Mamabus region drive the 7 districts of Arusha. A visit will also be made to the radiology department of the Mount Meru hospital and we will see that the Mindray ultrasound device donated by us in 2017 has been used intensively in the past year.

Hands-on training is resumed on Zanzibar. Johanna has learned a lot herself in the past year. She introduced a weekly ultrasound consultation in her clinic.

In Lower Moshi, work is underway with the SDN on the implementation of ultrasound scanning on the already running Mamabus. It also examines the training opportunities in the field of ultrasound.

A few nurse / midwifes have been selected to follow the ultrasound training at the KCMC in Moshi in 2019.